DeckaDrain Channel Drainage

Deck-a-Drain Channel Drainage System

An effective drainage system for all types of concrete surfaces that will help and aid with compliance to the new driveway Planning Regulations that came into force 1st October 2008.

Concrete Drainage: Deck-a-drain

  • Collects water and carries it away quickly. The product is ideal for use on pool decks, patios, driveways, etc, in fact anywhere water collects and needs to be carried away
  • Made of tough, long lasting PVC, the versatile DECK-a-DRAIN System has no metal parts to corrode.
  • DECK-a-DRAIN can also serve as an effective expansion and contraction joint.
  • The unique, non-directional design of the DECK-a-DRAIN system eliminates the need for right or left fittings. One attachment can be used for both by simply facing it in the direction needed. A flat contour profile allows a tight fit against any wall.
  • Installs easily, no trenches to dig or deep excavations to make, saving time, labour and money. Can be used as a screed rail along with our Plastiform concrete formwork in the final pour
  • Combined joint and drainage system for concrete decks.
  • New configuration provides a smooth centre channel for better water flow. Thicker wall dimensions and cutting ledge on the inside, ensure a strong yet flexible drainage system.


Angles shown below can be produced easily using a mitre saw further increasing the versatility of the Deck-a-drain.
slate green
End Section View
slate green
Detachable Clean-out
slate green
End Drain Take Off
slate green
Bottom Take Off
slate green
90º Corner
slate green
T joint
slate green
45º Corner

Easy to Install Concrete Drainage System provides effective method for draining water away from all types of concrete surfaces

External: W40mm x H80mm x 2m Long.
Internal: the inside dimension, 38 x 78mm and multiple slots on the top surface allow ample drainage.

DECK-a-DRAIN is available in Black

Each 2m length is fitted with film protective tape over the slotted top surface. Pack of 10 x 2m lengths = 14kgs (Single 2m length = 1.4kgs)

A competitive product at a competitive price. Drain will set straight and true with strong, thick top section and heavy wall structure ensuring accuracy.

End Coupler, Drain Take Off and Clean-Out/End Blank.

slate green
slate green
slate green
slate green
slate green
slate green
slate green
Also available-  Recessed Manhole Covers and Aco drain channel

The Aco Drain Channel is supplied with male/female sliding connections with additional springlock incorporated and a snaplock grating. These aid the installation, so several lengths can be laid at one time.

Hide unsightly manholes covers using our Recessed manholes they suit a wide range of applications for both internal and external uses, and are ideal for use with a variety of floor coverings such as concrete, screeds, tiles etc.
Creative Impressions Ltd have been exporting quality products throughout Europe since 1989 if you are interested in becoming a Distributor please contact us.

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Concrete Formwork: Plastiform

When installing imprinted concrete, Plastiform Boards should be your first choice for concrete form-work. Plastiform Boards are tough and durable and built to last. Made from high density polyethylene plastic, each board has a dovetail slot for our Camlock clamps. Plastiform is available in 5 x 10cm size, all boards are 2m long.

Just look at the uses of Plastiform!


Radius Work
Add some extra style to your jobs with smooth curves and radiuses.



Curb & Gutter Work
Monolithic curb and gutter or decorative work.


Straight Work
Do Radius work one day then straight work the next.



Be Innovative
Stack 2,3 or 4 high or cut the boards to form some stairs.


Use Plastiform concrete formwork to create stylish concrete, Reusable for Years
We're not really sure how long the forms will last, some crews are still using 8 year old forms.

At 1/3 the weight of wood, your truck can carry more and so can your crew.

Fast Set Up
Here's what we've heard many times. "The first time my crew used Plastiform it took twice as long, by the third time we used them they were twice as fast".

Incorporate our Deckdrain drainage system and Recessed Manholes into your formwork set up to aid with compliance to the new driveway planning regulation. Also available - Isolation and expansion foams

Quick Stripping
Pull your forms the same day. Plastiform can be removed in approximately 4 hours rather than having to come back the next day.

Easy Cleaning
Oil the boards with mould release oil this will increase the life and prevent concrete adhering.
image5( 1 ) End Connectors
Eliminates Toenailing. Connect boards together with a snap or use wood end connectors to connect to wood forms to complete form runs.

( 2 ) Camlock Clamps
Fit most size stakes. Made from durable nylon fibreglass, Camlocks come in one universal size to support up to 3/4" wood, rebar stakes or flat iron stake. They twist in anywhere to clamp the boards to the stakes.

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