Roof Repair Coatings

 FIBRE SEAL 2 - roof repair coatingFibre seal 2 repair to corrugated roof Creative Impressions FIBRE SEAL 2 roof repair coating  is a one component solvent based acrylic roof repair coating and is thixotropic in its formulation, it incorporates fibres which reinforce the final finish, it has been developed to give an instant waterproof repair and prevent leakage with excellent adhesion properties that will not wash off even when wet.

The coating will cure in cold and wet conditions (under water in extreme conditions).

The acrylic polymers are UV stable and will not brittle with age.

An instant remedy for leaking roofs and gutters

Can be applied successfully in wet conditions (Brush application)

Elastomeric formulation will flex with the natural movement of the roof

Will adhere to most common roofing materials

An ideal product for all roof repairs

Can be used as a complete roof coating for flat roofs made of roofing felt, asbestos and Fibre seal 2 available in 5kg and 20kg tins sheet metal

 Available in both 5ltr and 20ltr sizes








Our Manufacturing Facility is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008

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