Stenciled Concrete

wet cast collageStencilcrete (wet cast system)



When laid the concrete can be left natural or coloured prior to laying the stencil to produce either plain or contrasting joints.

The finished surface can be troweled or left with the Dry Shake evenly distributed over the surface to produce a non-slip finish.

Texture skins can also be used in conjunction with Antiquing Release Powder to produce a Stencil Textured Surface.

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spraycrete collageStencilcrete (spray on system)


Concrete and Tarmac Coatings: Spraycrete

Surfaces to be sprayed must be structurally sound

Spraycrete Advantages:

Naturally slip resistant and hard wearing finished surfaces. Available in 30 standard colours with a choice of a dozen stencil designs.

Can be applied over existing structurally sound concrete flatwork and tarmac at 2mm layer which permits all existing falls and levels to remain basically unchanged.

Stencil patterns are uniform with shallow relief, so the finished texture surface has no deep crevices to trip on.

Technical Note: Detailed Application instructions Click Here.

Spraycrete is a high strength polymer modified concrete coating and is designed for re-surfacing structurally sound old or new concrete and tarmac. Used with Stencilcrete paper stencils, Spraycrete can create a stunning concrete design. View On-Concrete

  • Quickly and economically.
  • Repair - Re-surface - Restore - Re-texture
  • Transforms existing structurally sound concrete and tarmac surfaces.
  • Proven technology - over 15 years worldwide.
  • Transform structurally sound dull grey concrete and tarmac with colour and texture.

Creative Impressions Spraycrete transforms structurally sound ordinary plain concrete and tarmac into a beautiful practical surface that looks like stone, slate, brick or tile. Spraycrete offers higher strength properties than conventional concrete and is more flexible and durable. The Spraycrete surface is finished with a coating of Superseal acrylic sealer to provide high abrasion resistance and an easy to clean surface. Spraycrete coloured concrete coatings offer an attractive and durable finish at an affordable cost, making it the perfect choice for both commercial and residential installations and for both interior and exterior use.


small wall collageSpraycrete for Walls

Spraycrete can also be applied over a concrete walls and using our newly developed Stencilcrete Face-Brick pattern stencil a realistic face brick effect can be reproduced over plain block walls.

Technical Note: Spraycrete Polymer Concrete Coatings are uniform in colour and resistant to yellowing or discolouration due to exposure to ultra-violet light. The internal polymer matrix of Spraycrete polymer cement, provides excellent water resistance to decrease spalling, cracking and surface degradation caused by repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

Spraycrete activator Pack sizes 25 and 5ltr application rates

Coverage when used as a primer 25ltr 80 - 100m2 and 5ltr 16 - 20m2
Dosage 0.312ltr m2

Spraycrete Base and Top coat Pack sizes 25kg application rates

Coverage 10- 12m2
Dosage 2.5– 2.08kgs m2

Compressor size.

The minimum recommended size of compressor to use is one that has a displacement of 9 cfm at a pressure of 35 psi

 For Tec-Tonic stenciled wall and floor finishes click here Tec-Tonic

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