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 About Tec-Tonic Microcement

Tec-Tonic was brought about by the need and demand for durable aesthetically pleasing surface coatings for wall and floors. Utilising the combined experiences of artisans, contractors etc, Tec-Tonic have created products that will be continually up-dated to meet the fashion and trend requirements of the future.

Tec-Tonic Microcement is an exciting new way to apply colour, texture and character to existing concrete or other surfaces.

It is a unique method of refurbishing or beautifying new and old surfaces, to create an exclusive aesthetic look of concrete, marble or any other natural stone.

Recognising the extensive scope of the product as a material, Tec-Tonic have taken full advantage of their Technical and practical knowledge developed over the years to express the prominent forms and textures through an array of interior and exterior installations including floors, walls, kitchens worktops, splash backs, sinks, wet rooms, reception desks and countertops etc using Microcements manufactured in the UK.

Tec-Tonic are leaders in the design and manufacture of contemporary concrete products using Microcements, for use in commercial or residential applications.


Utilising the versatile qualities of Tec-Tonic Microcement contractors have the capabilities to offer a vast range of bespoke finishes for small or large commercial projects.


Concrete is an increasingly popular material suiting a vast range of styles. From minimal, contemporary to classic or rustic. The bespoke nature of the product provides the client with the means to customise their installation.

Tec-Tonic Microcement is a unique and versatile material, the inherant characteristics of the Microcement establish an exclusive aestetic using its organic qualities to create sophisticated and striking colours, tones and textures


Tec-Tonic Microcement kitchen island

Tec-tonic Microcement banded wall


Tec-Tonic Microcement Wall installation by Stoned & Plastered LTD

Tec-Tonic Microcement Wall installation by Stoned & Plastered


Tec-Tonic Microcement Wall installation by Stoned & Plastered


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